Since 1984 our focus and mission has been providing products to enhance optimal health and wellbeing.

Bioavailability of plant-derived ingredients is our top priority. Fulvic trace minerals provides exceptional nutrient transport into cells, eliminating toxins, oxygenating, alkalizing and re-charging each and every cell. Micronization also enhances absorption.

Our herbal formulations for anti-aging and rebalancing are based on 2,000 years of Chinese Medicine and complimentary knowledge.

We select the finest natural and plant derived ingredients in our industry and make our mission, our intention and our product information as transparent as possible.

  • Our Story

    The concept for Universal Formulas was developed by bio-nutritionists and herbalists, with doctors and alternative health practitioners in mind, more than 27 years ago, to improve the health of their patients. Doctors continue to recommend our natural, healthier vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements.

    Since 1984, Universal Formulas has been developing formulations and providing our clients (many alternative health practitioners) with supplements that employ the highest degree of natural products. At Universal Formulas, our products are formulated at optimal potency and ratios. This distinguishes Universal Formulas from the vast market of other health supplement suppliers. Our optimal potency and combination standard ensures that each ingredient is at the proper strength, source, and ratio needed to achieve exceptional results.

    It is an honor to be highly recommended by some of this country's leading healthcare practitioners. 

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to enable you to achieve an extraordinary quality of health and vitality by providing products and information that will support your journey towards delightful, healthy living. We believe in backing our products with anecdotal experience, research, development, analysis, and facts.

    Furthermore, we contend that good health shouldn't cost you a fortune. We deliver our high quality products at fair prices. 

  • Our Credos
    We Believe... in using the whole herb whenever possible:

    The whole herb contains hundreds of constituents. We believe that nature knows why and how these many constituents work together. In addition, naturally dried and water-cured herbs better retain the live enzymes that are part of their composition. All other extract forms are probably devoid of their enzymes. Most extracts are made using solvents such as alcohol and act much like pharmaceutical drugs, which are synthesized forms of the extracts. Drug companies often start with an extract and synthesize it (creating an un-natural chemical, so they can patent it).

    While a few of our formulas do contain extracts of herbs, this is simply to achieve cellular "on site" absorption; we generally specify water extraction for most of our ingredients. 

    We Believe... in plant derived enzymes:

    The enzymes that we add to our products or that are contained in our enzyme formulations are derived from aspergillus and rezopis var, which are far superior to enzymes derived from animal sources. Our enzymes have a wide operating range of pH activity from 3.0 to 9.0. Animal enzymes have a very narrow operating pH range of 6.5 to 7.5. A narrow operating range prevents migration of the enzymes past the bowel barrier into the blood. Many therapeutic effects are derived from plant enzymes that have the ability to migrate into the blood. They digest the muco-proteins and fats settled out in the lymph system and fat cells of the body. They strip the protein and fat coatings off viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus and cancer cells, allowing oxygen and nutrients to perform better amongst and within the cell bodies. 

    We Believe... in using fulvic trace minerals, together with enzymes, to comprise a delivery system for other nutrients and constituents:

    We own and operate our own mineral mine where we harvest our Fulvic Trace Minerals. It is located in the South Central United States. We purchased this mine after our tests revealed that the minerals contained in the shale had a higher naturally occurring fulvic acid and mineral content than anything else on the market. Tracite™ is the trademarked name of this product. Fulvic acid has the ability to carry sixty times its own weight in nutrients into the cells of any biological system. When you combine these fulvic minerals with enzymes you get a delivery system second to none. Most of our formulas contain this delivery system.

    We Believe... fulvic trace minerals are the "missing link" of nutrition:

    Science has demonstrated that macro-minerals, trace minerals and elements are the world's #1 deficiency. According to the World Health Organization, iron is still the world's #1 nutrient deficiency! Tracite™ is rich in plant-derived minerals, especially iron. Tracite™ is the end result of years of experiments involving fulvic shale mineral extraction. Fulvic acid is bound to minerals in a delicate bond. The integrity of the finished product depends upon keeping these bonds intact. Curing the fulvic shale slowly is extremely important in doing this; using other extraction methods like heat or extraction acids can damage the delicate molecular structure, producing an inferior mineral product. Our process takes time - approximately 2 years from the time we mine the shale to the finished product. 

    We Believe... in micronization of all macro-mineral ingredients:

    Minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are required in larger amounts than trace minerals must be in a form that lend to absorption in every area of the body and cells. This is accomplished by combining the most bio-available plant-derived forms of the mineral in a complex that has been micronized (ground into microscopically fine particles), then placed in a capsule. Scientific studies have demonstrated that mineral formulas that are in tablet form are not absorbed as well as micronized powders in a capsule. Each cell requires multiple forms of any mineral so it can be targeted to the various receptor sites contained within it. 

    We Believe... in producing formulas that support scalable dosage. 
    We Believe... that supplements alone are not enough.

    Taking supplements is a sure way to improve your health and well-being. Without diet and lifestyle changes, however, supplements will take you only so far. If you consume large amount of white sugar while on a supplement program, for example, you will reduce the effectiveness of all nutrients due to the sugar interrupting cellular absorption. Caffeine, when taken with meals, will reduce the nutritional value of both food and supplements considerably. We never make supplement recommendations without mentioning lifestyle and dietary changes. 

    We Believe...

    In assisting people with health changes that are based on individual needs, rather than one particular healing modality. No one healing method works for all conditions all the time. Herbology, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Clinical Nutrition and a host of others all have their place but one may work when others fail... all depending on the individual. 

    We Believe...

    Nutrition, exercise, stress management, releasing limiting thought patterns, and taking responsibility for our creations are sure ways to better health, wellness and happiness. 

    We Believe...

    There may be cheaper products on the market... but none of better quality. 

  • 4 One World

    4 One World's mission is to raise awareness locally and provide aid to disadvantaged children in the developing world.

    4 One World provide educational resources to schools in the developing world. We believe that all children deserve essential tools to educate, inspire, and empower.

    The more access these students have to computer literacy, the more hope they have for a brighter tomorrow. You can help now with your financial contribution.

    Know that when you purchase Universal Formulas products a portion of the proceeds are helping those in need. We thank you for your support.

    To learn more about 4 One World and how you can help please visit their website: 4OneWorld