Bepure is a synergistic blend of medicinal herbs, their innate vitamins, our Tracite* minerals, and food enzymes. It is designed to act as a strong component in assisting and promoting the body to release undigested food, stored cellular waste and excess fluid retention. It will start the process of eliminating heavy metals and any residual chemicals that the body should be getting rid of. Bepure's ingredients help balance the body's acid/alkaline levels to lower in ammation, destroy parasites, fungi and yeast growth. Creating a healthy environment this way naturally enhances the body's antiviral and immune response.

Anyone may have an allergic reaction to most anything. It mostly depends on their body chemistry, lifestyle, genetics, how many drugs they have been subjected to, their use of antibiotics and finally their eating habits.


Having said that, please remember that some people may experience a "healing crisis" or "reversal" and many of the symptoms of this can be misinterpreted as an "allergic reaction." This may be especially true of folks who have made significant positive changes in their diet. These reactions are temporary, unlike true allergic reactions that persist with continued ingestion of the allergen.

Bepure contains no known allergens. There are some individuals that may be sensitive to certain herbs due to their extremely polarized systems. We have seen extremely "Yin" or "Yang" people react to yin or yang herbs in a formula. Again, this will pass as the body changes to a more balanced state of health.

We recommend people take this cleanse under the supervision of their trusted healthcare professional. Advise him or her of any reactions you are concerned about. You can always lower your dosage to adjust to your needs.