Plan ahead, Mark your calendar


At minimum, once or twice a year, preferably during a seasonal change from winter to spring and summer to fall. Fall to winter and spring to summer are good too, just consider your own schedule.

Consider a time when there is the least amount of disturbances in your life

Cleansing should be a pre-planned event that coincides with nature. We are divinely connected to our planet and its cycles. Since the beginning of life, natural rhythms are part of being alive. When nature itself is changing, or just prior to a seasonal change, is an excellent time to do a cleanse. Plan a month ahead to do a cleanse. Mark your calendar and think about what changes you will have to make -- simplify your life during this time. 

We do not recommend back-to-back cleansing. Wait until you have prepared a time to cleanse - around holidays is not a good time -- unless you are using this as an excuse to avoid family gatherings (be sure to write us and tell us how THAT goes). It is not recommended to do a cleanse at the same time as planned changes like going back to school, or changing a job or any other lifestyle/schedule change.