Restore Natural Supplment Body Cleanse Detox

BePureRestoreImposed.pngRestore is included specifically to aid and strengthen digestion. The ingredients insure a smooth transition back to your normal routine. Restore is a natural, plant-derived, vegetarian capsulized, digestive enhancement product containing the following digestive enzymes and probiotics:

4 Enzyme Blends & 2 Probiotic Blends


  • Amylase: aids in the digestion of starches or carbohydrates
  • Protease: aids in the digestion of proteins
  • Lipase: aids in the digestion of fats
  • Cellulase: aids in the digestion of fiber
  • Acidophilus: inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, restores healthy pH balance
  • Bifidus: inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, restores healthy pH balance
  • Tracite: proprietary blend of 77 Fulvic Trace Minerals

We rely on enzymes and "friendly" bacteria in our bodies to break down our food, kill off "harmful" bacteria, keep our immune response strong, and balance our acid/alkaline levels.

Certain foods provide us with "friendly" bacteria and enzymes. Since these two groups can be taken at the same time, two decades ago, we started to combine them in our "Flora-Zymes" formula.

This has been a successful response for people suffering from irritable bowel symptoms, digestive upset, excessive gas, bloating, and irregulatiry issues.

The Food & Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) definition of probiotics: "...are living microorganisms administered in adequate amounts which confer a beneficial health effect on the host."

"The microorganisms referred to in this definition are non-pathogenic bacteria (small, single celled organisms which do not promote or cause disease). They are considered "friendly germs," due to benefits to the colon and the immune system. The word probiotic is a compound of a Latin and a Greek word; it means "favorable to life." Probiotics is also sometimes used to refer to a form of nutritional therapy based on eating probiotic foods and dietary supplements."


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