Role of Diet

The role of diet during a cleanse is crucial to realizing the most benefits. Make the most of cleansing by following the recommendations below, as much as possible. They are time-tested, tried, and true. When you eat a healthy diet, you are investing in your future health!

A Little Goes a Long Way, a Lot Goes Even Further!

You are what you eat

Minimize or eliminate the following:

  • Highly processed and refined foods
  • Heavily fatted foods, fried foods
  • Artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives
  • White sugar, corn syrup, honey, high fructose corn syrup
  • Red meat and deli meats
  • Soft drinks and energy drinks
  • Caffeine and alcohol
  • Tobacco products
  • Take a break from highly fragranced body products
  • Limit exposure to household chemicals

Incorporate the following:

  • Drink lime juice in temperate water upon waking
  • Select organic whenever possible
  • Eat whole, raw vegetables
  • Juicing of fresh fruits & vegetables
  • Whole grain cereal, not pre-sweetened
  • Chicken, turkey, & fish are acceptable animal proteins
  • Vegetable sources of protein are preferred
  • Purified and/or distilled water
  • Be sure your furnace has a fresh filter

Recommend Diets

Eliminate junk: all packaged, boxed, and frozen foods, such as pizzas, TV dinners, desserts - even those that say "healthy" and no fat -- these are poison! Eliminate jelly, jams (unless natural sweetener is used), peanut butter with sugar of any kind, commercial cookies, and sweet desserts, ice cream, deli meats, and prepared deli dishes (unless you know all the ingredients). Eliminate potato chips, tortilla chips, and pretzels. Eliminate all kinds of processed food and all fried food. Do not drink soft drinks, energy drinks, alcohol, and anything with sugar and caffeine - including mochas and lattes. It is only 21 days - you can do it!

Diet #1

Eliminate all animal meat and dairy, especially cheeses and ultrapasteurized milk and milk products, all pastas and breads - except for sprouted-grain breads and crackers.

Dominant foods to eat are homemade soups with clear vegetable broth (no creams or milk or meat in broth) that have lightly (still crunchy) cooked vegetables, mushrooms, dark greens (bok choy, spinach, etc); salads like shredded beet, carrot, cabbage, and multi-greens; fresh fruit. Brown rice, beans, oats, and multi-grains are good and free-ranges eggs are fine. Snacks include cashews, almonds, pecans, flax seeds, and oils - Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sesamee Oil, or Grapeseed Oil. Buy as much organic, Non-GMO food that you can find.

Diet #2

Eliminate all beef and pork, ultra-pasteurized milk and cheese, (see foods in Diet #1). In addition to the dominate foods in Diet #1, you may eat broiled or baked fish, chicken, or turkey. If you are craving a burger, have a buffalo or ostrich burger without the bun. Select organic, multi-grains for breads. Brown rice, beans, oats, and multi-grains are fine (no highly processed foods, like instant oatmeal with added sugars/flavors). You may buy organic plain yogurt and sweeten it with your own local, raw honey, Agave, or real maple syrup. You can mix in your own fruits, blended or shredded, for additional flavor (bananas, pineapple, apples, or berries are good choices).

Superfoods: Cacao, hemp protein, Goji berries, and Maccha are all great additions to your diet.