3 Weeks - 3 Reasons

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3 Weeks - 3 Reasons

"The Body is a Temple"

We developed a 21 day cleanse for 3 reasons:

1.png Greatest Herbal Effect: Some of the herbs in this formula are meant for short-term use and have their greatest effect when used cyclically; this cleanse is not meant to be used for more than 30 days.

2.png 21 days is a "benchmark" for change: Every body is different, but in general, if you want to change a habit, and you are serious, it will take approximately 21 days to break the old habit or form a new one. If you opt for our Pre-Bepure and Post-Bepure formulas* you will be using a powerful tool to re-balance your body.

3.png Natural Cycles: Natural ebbs and flows with the lunar cycles, time is set by them and the seasons are divinely ordered by them. Our recommened 3-week cleanse, augmented with the Pre/Post formulations*, is complimentary to our body's 24-hour cycles of rest, eating, digesting, activity, and nature's natural 30 day cycle. Women have a monthly cycle, but some research suggests that men, too, have their own emotional and physiological monthly cycles. 

*Please note: Pre-Bepure and Post-Bepure are not sold separately. They are being offered with this cleanse for a limited time only, at no cost, when you buy this cleanse today. See our Limited Offer for more information. This is a $49.50 savings to you!