Afternoon Natural Supplment Body Cleanse Detox

The Afternoon Formula contains herbs and minerals best suited to help our circulation, which is functioning at a peak level throughout the afternoon and evening.

Each cell is bathed in fluid. The quality of that fluid determines the health of every cell, lymph duct, capillary, vein and artery in the body. These ingredients are well balanced and very effective for purifying the fluids of the body.

You may experience moments of gas elimination ... determined mostly by how toxic the bowel is. We have added herbs and enzymes to help prevent or reduce this effect.

Afternoon Recommendations for best results:

Make lunch the largest meal of the day. If you must eat meat make it turkey or fish as they are the most easily tolerated meat proteins in the animal kingdom. Have a fresh veggie salad each day for lunch using Romaine lettuce along with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli etc.

  • Take your afternoon formulation 1 hour after your lunch
  • Make lunch your biggest meal with a fresh veggie salad everyday 

Tip: Start the week by making a big salad of Romaine, carrots, broccoli, and green onions. This basic sald will last all week, saving you time. At each meal add your portion of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as maybe an apple or lemon-drenched avocado. Keep salad dressings as simple and clean as possible!


Blood, Lymph, Lymphatic Ducts, Glands & Cells

  • Chlorophyll Extract Powder
  • Cleavers
  • Goldenseal Root
  • Red Clover
  • Yellow Dock
  • Vitamin C (Camu Camu)
  • Marigold/Calendula
  • Tracite Powder
Details on Afternoon Formula Ingredients