Use the following nutrient formulations when the cleansing cycle has been completed. Continue to drink fresh squeezed juices and eating healthy natural foods while adding the following herbal products to your diet. They will insure that the work you have done will last:

         Quint-Essence   A multi-nutrient formula see Pre & Post Bepure page
         Silymarin           Continue the process of rejuvenating the liver
         Brilliance           Rejuvenate the nervous system and the brain
         Flora-Zymes*     Maintain smooth digestion and proper acid/alkaline balance
         Kidney Tonic      Continue the process of healthy kidney function
         Lung Tonic         Works specifically on the proper functioning of the lungs

* For a stronger digestive formula see EB Digestives at All of the above formulas and data sheets are available at

From all of us at Bepure Cleanse and Universal Formulas, we wish you strong vibrant health, in body, mind and spirit. Believe it and you will see it!