Role of Attitude

Becoming more "conscious" about what goes on inside our brain allows us to realize that we have tools to accomplish everything we want. How we "use" our attitude, how we stay active and how we deal with stress is under our control and doesn't have to be directed by others. Make these your "bag of tricks" to pull you into a radiant lifestyle!

"The only cause of illness is stress." - Dr. Leonard Coldwell

"The only cause of illness is stress (mainly mental and emotional stress to 84%) 16% is physical in origin. But this 16% is very important because it leads to acidosis and toxemia, the two elements that are responsible for an "environment" of illness. Cancer for example can only grow in an toxic (acidic) environment and in a body with lack of oxygen (Proven by Nobel Prize winners: Max Plank and Otto Wahrburg). A toxic and acidic environment is based on stress, nutritional deficiency and accumulated toxins in our system." 

-- Dr. Leonard Coldwell


Sometimes the first thing we need to change is our attitude; our state of mind. Doing a cleanse can seem radical to the people close to us and their opinions affect our attitude.

Cleansing is taking responsibility for your health. You are getting in touch with your body and learning its rhythms with your lifestyle. If you are sincere, you will discover a lot about yourself while doing a cleanse. Your health and well being is a "work-in-progress" because life is always happening.

It is ok to let your friends and relatives know that you are on a health-regimen for a few weeks so they are not offended if you don't drink alcohol at a celebration or if you are not feeling "up" to even attending.

On the other hand, if you do have alcohol or a slice of double chocolate nine-inch thick frosting with ice cream, do it with abandonment and enjoyment, and return to the cleanse afterward.

Generally though, when people see you are taking charge of your health and having discipline, they are most apt to admire you for it and feel supported to make their own healthy changes.



DON'T HOLD IT. Practice deep-breathing daily and whenever you think of it to oxygenate the liver, as well as your brain and everything else. 

Notice how you can pull in air so that your belly seems to in inflate and then pull in more air so that your chest rises? When you come to from your black-out, do it all again slowly and comfortably. Try it lying down.


A cleanse can effect our emotions and they effect our attitude. Rent some funny movies or read uplifting books. Try to look on the bright side and whenever possible, see the humor in every day things. 

Humor is the antithesis of stress. Don't waste time thinking about situations and people you can't change -- if someone is freaked out by what you are doing, notice the humor in that. Noticing how things are without trying to control or change them is a way of stepping back from a situation and taking a breath and look for what strikes you as funny. Then laugh out loud!