The question becomes: Am I storing toxins in my body?

There is A LOT of discussion in natural therapies about toxins and their "build-up" in our bodies that cause illness and disease.

The question becomes: Am I storing toxins in my body?

The longer we live, the more we're exposed.

  • Air, water & noise pollution
  • Artificial sweeteners, colors, & preservatives
  • Non-nutritive, highly processed foods
  • Hair & body products, anti-perspirants
  • Chemical household and automatical products
  • Perfumes and fragrances
  • Cookware & food containers
  • Alcohol, drugs, & medications
  • Emotional & relationship stress

A toxin can be something referred to as having the "potential" to poison us. In small quantities, our body eliminates most toxins quite well, but with prolonged use, they have the potential to "build up" in us, or create an internal environment that leads to illness.

We belive that a toxin is a compound or microbe that our body cannot use to nourish our cells.

When we think about all the artificial products and substances we contact everyday, some unavoidable, we may conclude that our body needs a little help and rest, from time to time, to accomplish the ongoing process of eliminating cellular waste fully and completely.